Show Fees

Rail fees: $45.00/day  County shows

Rail fees: $75.00/day  "A" shows

*Rail fees include schooling rides if needed

Multi day shows

 Set up / Tear down:  $50.00/show

covers stall, tack room, and seating area

Day Care:  $35.00

 Includes: Feeding, watering, cleaning, blanketing, leg wrapping if needed

Partial day care: $15.00

Includes: Feeding, watering, blanketing

Horse use fee: $75.00

 *this fee applies to riders that do own or lease a horse

Trailering Fees

Bonita: $75.00

Del Mar: $75.00

Vista: $75.00

Lakeside: $ 45.00

IEC: $25.00

Gallway Downs $95.00

San Juan Capistrano $150.00

All hauling is round trip and per horse

*Fees will be higher if only 1 or 2 horses are being hauled

*All Fees are subject to change without notice